Roi Rekrytering - a Rec Tech company

At Roi Rekrytering, we have a slightly different view of how recruitment works the easiest and best. We question norms, challenge traditional thinking and take support in digitalisation. We offer a unique combination of senior recruitment competence and forward-looking technological development that you, as a customer, get access to through our recruitment platform Roi Workspace. The combination of recruitment skills and technology creates one of Sweden’s foremost RecTech companies.

Our Vision

Roi Rekrytering will make recruitment easier and disprove the myth that recruitment must be expensive and complicated. We will be the natural choice when companies look to recruit in a way which is smart and cost-efficient.

Our main principles are:

  • Focus on quality
  • Deliver a high standard of personal service
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with focus on long-term cooperation

These principles are the baseline for our day-to-day work, and they give our customers a sense of security, which is invaluable to us.

Niclas Wate, CEO at Roi Rekrytering explains why we chose to invest in The Hunger Project and about visiting Ethiopia.

How can we help?

Roi Rekrytering believe in long-term, sustainable contributions. Both in how we work and how we choose to pay it forward. The Hunger Project aims to eliminate hunger and poverty by invoking local entrepreneurship.

Their help has a long-term focus, which is something we believe in and actively support.

Our company values

We believe that an enjoyable workplace and having fun at work makes us more efficient employees and allow us to give a better service to our customers. And it’s from this point of view our values comes from.


We are honest and open in how we work towards both colleagues and customers.

Continuous improvement

Everything should be questioned, and everything can get better. Being informal and openminded, we always strive to find improvements.


Through our willpower and perseverance, we make things happen, and together we make sure to fulfil all expectations.


We make it easy for our customers, partners and candidates to work with us and in our systems.