Education & Development

As a challenging recruitment, HR and organizational partner, we want to contribute to change and development. Our vision is to always deliver improvement and value. We assist both private companies and public organizations with the training and development of employees, managers and teams/organizations.

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With a competent and steady team in HR, leadership and organization, we take on challenges in change, leadership and communication – at the operational and strategic levels. Always linked to business, goals and results.

Education & Development strengthens your business in the following areas:

  • Reorganization & Outplacement
  • Employer Branding & Social Media
  • Change & development       
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Competence-based recruitment
  • AI recruitment

Our focus is your journey of change. We dare to say that best results are achieved through transparency and good cooperation – before, during and after the assignment. Therefore, we offer the skills to help you throughout the journey from analysis, educational efforts, strategy and to implementation and follow-up. Please contact us if you want to know more!


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