Recruitment does not end when the employment contract is signed

A successful onboarding process not only ensures a satisfied new employee who gets a good first impression. It also increases the efficiency of the new employee. Having things in place, giving an introductory schedule and a little structure makes it incredibly easy.

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Onboarding program

By offering the new employee an elaborate introduction program where we ensure together with you that the employee comes into the new role quickly, you increase the chances of you succeeding together.

  • Implementation and review of personality analysis of new employees and immediate manager.
  • Description and review of how new employees are best coached and supervised as well as a review of the candidate’s learning ability (IQ test – learning ability).
  • Onboarding manual and Checklist in preparation for a job start with the activity, time and responsibility.

Price 14 900 kr
3 packages 29 900 kr
Addition to ongoing process, e.g. Easy Recruitment: 9 900 kr


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