A popular recruitment tool

With over 1000 different companies as users, we are proud to be able to deliver a recruitment platform that is built on the user's terms. Kinder garden easy and intuitive with many practical solutions - all to make it easier for you as a user.

On this page you will find some of our references but if you need references from a particular industry, just get in touch with us!

Some of our Workspace references


“Good service and always available with every possible question that might pop up! ”

//Peter Åberg, NTEX


“Workspace saves time! The communicative cooperation with the managers becomes smoother than e.g. email back and forth. In short; a more efficient process! ”

//Rebecca Sommerfeldt, Axiell


“What I think is especially good about Workspace is the amazingly high level of service. It's easy to get help and you come up with good tips and ideas on how to solve problems. Can't remember a single time that problems / challenges could not be solved in any way. We never have to wait for answers we always get quick feedback!”

// Magnhild Owman, Web Manuals


“Roi Recruitment helps us to create a good structure for our recruitment process as well as effective communication both internally in the recruitment team and externally towards our candidates. Our “colleague” at ROI always feels close at hand and is committed to constantly improving the process as well as enriching the experience of those who apply to our company.”

// Daniel Åslund, Affärsverken


Why choose Workspace?

Because we want you to be happy. Roi Recruitment is the company behind Workspace, and we are an experienced recruitment company. The requirements for the recruitment tool Workspace have therefore always been set by those who work with recruitment everyday - our own recruiters and you as a customer. This is to ensure that the recruitment tool we all work in makes everyday life easier and more efficient.

Continuous updates and features

Continuous improvement is one of our value words. This means that we always strive to do everything a little better, all the time. That's why our developers are constantly launching new enhanced features, streamlining and desires that will be immediately available to all users.

Be involved and influence!

We pride ourselves on being responsive and listening to our users' needs to be able to customize functions to what is needed for your particular organization. If you miss something, we are just one phone call away!


Download our manuals for free

Recruitment is a craftmanship, but if you have the time you can manage the recruitment yourself. Our manuals can be a great support. Enter your email and you will be able to download any of our manuals for free.