Strategic HR Excellence Program

We are facing a reality where organizations ability to quickly adapt becomes an important key to success. The HR function can effectively contribute to the strategic work.

Strategic HR Excellence Program – Let HR issues take place in the management team , aimed at you who want to expand your toolbox within strategy, financial relationships, business logic and understanding of how HR can work more forward-looking to be a key to their organization's competitiveness.

How effectively manage HR questions in management groups

The Strategic HR Excellence Program is aimed for you who are in a HR function and who are either part of, are about to join or have ambitions to take place in the management group, board or similar decision-making body of a commercial organisation, municipality or authority. The building blocks of the education are:

  • Strategic prerequisites
    New strategic conditions and conversations in the management team - how can we ensure the HR perspective in the overall strategies of the business?
  • Understand the business
    To understand the business - and to be able to talk about the business in financial terms.
  • Create willingness to change
    To build and maintain organizations willing to change.

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HR Excellence Academy

The HR Excellence Academy is a strategic collaboration between EFL Executive Education and Roi Rekrytering, which includes sharp and forward-looking training for people in the HR function who want the tools to take the leadership role in the development of the HR function's increasingly natural key place in organizations' competitiveness. A wide range of training courses will be gradually developed, and the collaboration will begin with the Strategic HR Excellence Program, which will start in November 2021.


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