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We at Roi Rekrytering HRInterim are driven by changing and developing a conservative industry and opening up the opportunity to match the right skills for the right assignment.

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What exactly is interim?

The word interim comes from Latin and means roughly; between, temporary eller during a transition period. In other words, interim is a solution for a limited time. There are interim solutions in most industries. We have chosen to focus on HR and make matching and exchange really good, both for the consultant and the customer.

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What is the difference between recruitment and interim and when is which solution the best?

"Recruit - attract and strengthen with new skills, hire new staff"

"Interim - competence that applies temporarily, during a transition period"

But how should one act in the event of competence enhancement or competence deficiency - recruit or interim?

This is a complex question that depends on several and different factors. Through advice and good networks, we will jointly find the best solution for your current situation and conditions.

We have chosen to focus on HR Interim. We can do it and do it really well!

... so regardless of whether you are looking for an interim assignment or your company is in need of temporary, strong competence in HR - we have the solution.


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