We actively search for the best candidates

If the profile you are looking for is hard to find, and you wish for us to perform the whole recruitment, this is the option for you. We will actively search for the right candidate and we guarantee results.

We will offer you a set price before we start the recruitment process.

Search includes:

  • Create a requirement profile, a job description and advert
  • Publish job advert on the largest job sites in Sweden
  • Actively and creatively search our network and databases
  • Ensure candidate quality (interviews, tests etc.)
  • Presentation of qualified candidates
  • Continual search until the position is filled

How we work:

Our recruiter will contact you for a job description. The advert will be published on the largest job sites in Sweden and an active search will begin. We will continuously perform interviews and analyses on the prominent candidates.

We guarantee results – delivering new candidates until you fill the position.



Download our manuals free of charge

Recruitment is a craftmanship, but if you have the time you can manage the recruitment yourself. Our manuals can be a great support. Enter your email and you will be able to download any of our manuals for free.