Get digital support in your competence-based recruitment

Competence-based recruitment is an approach in recruitment that focuses on specific competencies and that ensures, among other things, structure, inclusion, diversity and development in the process. If you choose to recruit based on competence, it places high demands on the recruiter. To make it easier, you can get support from our recruitment tool Workspace Recruit for competence-based recruiting.

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Competence-based recruitment in Roi Workspace means support for:

  • Competence-based Needs analysis / requirements profile
  • Advertising
  • Selection questions / screening tests
  • Supplementary competence-based questions
  • Competence-based candidate profile
  • Question battery based on the requirements profile
  • Check recerences

….Choose what you want to use

Conduct the final interviews, reference checks and decide who to employ.

Workspace Recruit is the recruitment system that offers templates, documents and training in Competence-based recruitment. You decide for yourself whether you want to take part in the competence-based question battery that is offered or start from your own data, which you easily make available in the platform.

Simply put, this is recruitment on your terms.

Do you want to take your competence-based recruitment to the next level?
Then take the help of our AI which anonymizes all personal information. All candidates are anonymized and you can easily focus on the most important thing - finding the right skills!


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