The Roi-model works!

We have over 20 years of experience in recruitment and have about 600 recruitments per year. Our customers come from a variety of industries, what they have in common is that everyone wants to choose what they want help with and in that way influence the cost.


Our customers

Our clients have understood that our model of recruitment is simple and cost effective. Here are a few examples of the companies Roi Rekrytering supported in their recruitments.


“The customer contact that Roi offered us was incredibly good. We are a company that has a packed schedule and we were very clear when we went into the process with Roi that we needed a continuous contact, a continuous update from their side. Patricia who is our contact was fantastic at it. We got a partner to a greater extent than just one supplier. ”

//Mikael Tancred, International Sales Manager, Hövding Sverige AB

"Roi is so good to deal with, they are competent and always available, which we appreciate because with us a lot happens all the time and we need quick help and Roi can help us with that"

//Josefin Åkerman, HR Business partner, Optimera

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"Professional help from a recruiter and an affordable offer."
/Warner Bros rekrytering
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"Nice with a recruitment tool that easily handles all candidates"
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"I experienced my interviewers as very friendly and with a clear focus on getting the right information. It was a positive process that ended with me getting the job!"

// Stina, candidate

"Throughout the recruitment process, I received ongoing information about what was happening, which I experienced as very professional."

// Peter, candidate