Take support from tests in your recruitment

For both recruitment and development of employees and organization, we use work psychological tests from the global supplier Aon's Assessment Solutions, formerly Cut-e.

All tests are:

  • Audited and certified by the independent certification organization of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Buros, and in accordance with ITC
  • mobile-friendly, innovative and valid
  • available in over 40 languages.

Implementation and feedback to both candidate and client are included.

3 950 kr/test

6 995 kr/test package, 2-5 tests

With the support of work psychological tests, we can e.g. offer:

  • Create confidence that you have chosen the right candidate who has the greatest potential to succeed in the role.
  • Map out what is required for the role and measure and validate whether the candidate has the competence, ability and skills that the role requires
  • Make faster and more reliable selection decisions so as not to lose the top candidates
  • Provide the client with clear & concrete guide lines to be able to quickly and efficiently lead and coach the new employee
  • Eliminate the risk of discrimination
  • Identify any pitfalls that otherwise would not have emerged.

The following choices of analyses and tests allow you to supplement your processes with:


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