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When recruiting on your own, it is sometimes difficult to be completely objective. Therefore, we can support you with a Second Opinion or Reference Taking. Read more below or contact us

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Second Opinion

You get a supplementary perspective on a candidate. We give you our objective view of your candidate and give you advice.

This is included:

  • In-depth interview
  • Employment psychological tests (Aon Assessment)
  • References (interview with up to three persons with working relationship to the candidate)
  • Written summary and advice

Price 14 900 kr
Addition to ongoing process, e.g. Easy Recruitment: 9 900 kr


We always recommend that you contact references before you hire. If you do not have the time or feel comfortable taking the references yourself, we can help you.

This is included:

  • We contact 2-3 references
  • You get a written summary
  • We give you feedback and advice

Price 3 900 kr


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